Writing Workshops

In response to frequent requests from my clients, I offer a series of customized writing workshops that draw from my years of teaching experience at Boston University's College of Communication. These workshops can cover a range of writing topics in single half-day or multiple 60-minute sessions to develop the writing talents of younger professionals or provide a concise refresher for seasoned practitioners. Most of my workshops emphasize a pragmatic approach to writing, covering topics including:

  • "The Top 12 Tips for Communications Writing"
  • How to create basic public relations documents — including biographies,
    news releases, backgrounders, and more
  • How to write customer case studies
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Writing a white paper
  • Punctuation pointers
  • Structuring quotes
  • Understanding AP style
  • Spotting the "gotchas"
  • Recommended resources and further reading
  • Many other topics developed on a custom basis

Some of my clients ask me to create and assign weekly "homework" assignments that let the students apply some of the workshop concepts, practice their writing skills, and receive detailed, personal feedback. For every workshop, I also provide a range of presentation slides, templates, examples, and other handouts that attendees keep as useful references.

If you're interested in a writing workshop for your organization, give me a call at 508-376-4420 or send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to consult with you about developing a writing workshop or series that's customized for your organization's unique needs.